May 30

Cocksucking Bi Fantasies with Lisa

Mature Fetish Loving Lisa As a bisexual woman myself, I would never dream of depriving others of the delights of bi sex.   This even includes people who think they’re not into such things.   How do you know that for sure until you try it, right?

Some people don’t even want to try, but I think such ideas are silly, especially in men.   I think all men have fantasized about cocksucking at least once in their lives.   So why shouldn’t I make it possible for you to give it a try in a safe and welcoming environment?   I’d be a bad fantasy girl if I couldn’t do that!

I like helping out the willing and the reluctant alike.  Voluntary bi fantasies are exciting, but I have never been opposed to the occasional forced bi fantasy, either.   It’s only “forced” for as long as it takes to get a cock in your mouth, anyway.   After you get that first taste, you’re more than willing to keep going….

I know you want to experience it, whether you will admit it aloud or not, so why not give your mature phone sex lady, Lisa, a call?   I’ll make your fantasies come true in no time.   Just dial the number below and ask for me.

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

May 01

Your Favorite Teen Prick Tease Mallory

Hey, guys! I wanna tell all of you a story. It totally happened to your favorite little prick tease today at the mall!

So I was in the mall with a couple of my friends, finishing up my weekend shopping. We were in Victoria’s Secret ’cause even though I was shopping, I always like to buy a thing or two for myself, too, LOL! Anyway, there was this guy in there, right? He was obviously in there shopping for his wife or whatever. But being the naughty cock tease that I am, I HAD to give him a “hard” time.

I walked over very close to him and started picking up the sexiest panties I could lay hands on. Then, this bitchy phone sex brat started talking a little *too* loudly to my friends and asking which pair they thought my “boyfriend” would like best.

I thought the poor guy was going to faint. He tried to walk away discreetly, but we just sorta followed along behind him. He couldn’t escape until he left the store…and I’m sure he went straight to a bathroom to jerk off! Another one falls to my evil tease and denial games!

Don’t you wanna have tease and denial phone sex with me, YOUR bratty teen girl Mallory? Just gimme a call!!!!!

Teen Cock Tease Mallory

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)