May 01

Your Favorite Teen Prick Tease Mallory

Hey, guys! I wanna tell all of you a story. It totally happened to your favorite little prick tease today at the mall!

So I was in the mall with a couple of my friends, finishing up my weekend shopping. We were in Victoria’s Secret ’cause even though I was shopping, I always like to buy a thing or two for myself, too, LOL! Anyway, there was this guy in there, right? He was obviously in there shopping for his wife or whatever. But being the naughty cock tease that I am, I HAD to give him a “hard” time.

I walked over very close to him and started picking up the sexiest panties I could lay hands on. Then, this bitchy phone sex brat started talking a little *too* loudly to my friends and asking which pair they thought my “boyfriend” would like best.

I thought the poor guy was going to faint. He tried to walk away discreetly, but we just sorta followed along behind him. He couldn’t escape until he left the store…and I’m sure he went straight to a bathroom to jerk off! Another one falls to my evil tease and denial games!

Don’t you wanna have tease and denial phone sex with me, YOUR bratty teen girl Mallory? Just gimme a call!!!!!

Teen Cock Tease Mallory

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Apr 30

Masturbation Instruction with GILF Marsha

Sexy Granny Marsha I know you thought you were being sneaky, but I’ve been around a lot longer than you have, young man.   Setting yourself up to get caught masturbating by your Granny Marsha was not exactly the most subtle maneuver you could’ve tried, my dear.  But, for role-play purposes, I am willing to go along with it.

But there is a little something you should know.   You’re doing it wrong.   It looks like you need some help on how to jerk off the right way.

See, back in my day, we knew how to masturbate.  These young whelps got no idea how to do it properly.  Here, let me tell you how we did it in my day.   Oh, don’t look at me like that.   You might think I’m crazy, but you’ll learn to appreciate Grandma Marsha’s masturbation instructions very soon.

Now, let’s get to stroking!   We’ll have all the good stuff milked out of there in no time.  This is why you need a phone sex GILF like me — nobody knows stroking like an experienced mature lady.

You’re just one phone call away from learning all kinds of things about jacking off that you never knew before.   Ready?   Start dialing right now.

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