May 28

Cock Tease Mallory Will Deny You

Cock Tease Bratty Domme Mallory Tease and denial is just one of those things that guys can just never get enough of.   They don’t know WHY they’ve gotta have MORE, MORE, MORE of it.   They just know that they can’t say no to a hot tease, so they keep coming back for more, LOLOLOL!

As one of those hot cock tease girls, I always take full advantage of that.  Like today, I was outside my apartment complex, totally teasing my dirty old man of a neighbor.

It was just your regular tease, you know.   I walked around in short shorts, showing my sexxxy body off, while he drooled in the most unsexy way possible.  But I know he’ll come back out for more of the same tomorrow because he LOVES seeing me, like all men do.   Also, most men are really stupid.

But that’s why tease and denial works so well, especially tease and denial phone sex.   Hope springs eternal for these idiots, so they keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, which, by the way, is pretty much the definition of insanity.   So I guess it’s fair to say that I drive these dudes crazy, huh? 😉

Wanna see how long you can hold out against this hot teen phone sex girl’s tease and denial games?   (My guess is, not very long.)   Just call me and we’ll find out!

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

May 05

Grandmom Marsha Takes Good Care Of You

Granny Marsha Hello, boys.  This your naughty phone sex Grandmom Marsha.  Tell me something. Do you like playing around with much-older women?  I sure hope you do because I do have quite a thing for younger men like you.

Nobody can take care of you like Grandma.  That’s true in pretty much all situations, and I’ll show you just exactly how true it is when it comes to sex.  Granny Marsha knows how to get nasty and make all your fantasies come true.  That is, of course, if you’re brave enough to give me a try.  I’ll try not to wear you out completely the first go-round.

Let’s go up to my bedroom, and I’ll give you a little demonstration.  Something tells me you’re going to have the time of your life, young man.

Just call me the number below for some hot Granny phone sex fun. You’ll be so glad you did!

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)