Jan 30

Cock Teasing Phone Teen Mallory

Cock Teasing Teen Mallory Heya, boys! It’s me, Mallory, your hot little teen phone sex girl.   How are you guys today?

Ok, let’s be real here.   If you answered that question with anything other than “horny,” I’m going to be shocked.   And guess what?   You’re going to be even MORE horny by the time I’m finished with you because I’m not exactly known for my mercy on losers like you, LOLOLOL.

I LOVE being a cock tease.   It’s not even second nature to me at this point.  It’s, like, first nature.   It’s what I do.   It’s who I AM.  And so if it’s my mission on earth to drive you boys crazy, then I’m gonna do it the very best that I can!

I can’t wait to turn your world completely upside.   I’m going to tease you, edge you, deny you, and do all sorts of crazy things to you.  I probably won’t let you cum, though.  Sorry.   It’s way too much fun to leave you high and dry.   If I let you get off all the time, it’d take all the fun out of it for me.

I mean, you might get lucky and catch me in a good mood, though.   Orrrrrr you might just get a ruined orgasm.   Who knows?

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Jan 01

Interracial Cuckolding with Doloris This New Year

Cuckold Wife Doloris Happy New Year, boys!   I hope your New Year’s Eve party was enjoyable and that 2014 will be your best year ever.

I feel sure that it’ll be my best year ever, if the way I rang in the New Year was any indication.   You see, on New Year’s Eve, my husband and I were invited to a hot wife party.   It’s similar to a swingers’ party, but the focus is more on the women getting what they want from big, well-hung studs while the husbands watch.

So even though it’s not technically a cuckolding party, you still get more or less the same effect out of it.   I get all the big cock I want.   My husband gets his voyeur fix, and sometimes I have him suck dick for me (and possibly get fucked) as well.  It all works out well in the end.

On New Year’s Eve, though, there were more big black men around than usual.   Something told me that that was intentional on the part of someone who’d arranged the party, but I certainly wasn’t complaining.   Anyone who knows me knows perfectly well that I love the BBC.   And so, by the way, does my husband.   We both got our fill that night!

So, needless to say, I have plenty of new stories to tell you during our interracial cuckold sessions.   It was a delightfully long night, after all.  Why don’t you give Mrs. Doloris a call if you want to hear all about it?

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