Mar 12

Coed Panty Tease Mallory’s New Panties

Coed Panty Tease MalloryHey, boys!   Guess what.   This tease and denial Princess has a new game in mind for all you dirty old pervs out there!   Wanna hear what it is?

Ok, I got the cutest new pair of panties today!   *Giggles*   If your dick wasn’t already hard, I’m sure it is now.   😉

Anyways, this pair of cute pink panties with Hello Kitty on them is amazing!   They’re going to be even more amazing, though, when I tease you with ’em!   *Giggles*   What?   You don’t think your dick will get ridiculously hard when you catch a glimpse of these cute panties when I bend over in front of you in my short skirt?   This little panty tease begs to differ!

I’m so good at being a little cock tease.   All it takes is a flash of my cute little panty-covered ass, and you boys are going crazy.   What does that say about you?   LOLOLOL!

Since you seem to like my panties so much, what would you do if I took ’em off and tossed ’em over to you?   I bet you’ll sniff ’em like a dirty old man would!   LOLOLOL, I was right.   You totally sniffed!   Ew, are you gonna lick ’em, too?   I mean, my pussy tastes yums and all, but licking panties?   Gross!

Well, you’re not gonna be able to fuck me because you’re such a disgusting old perv, but I might let you jack off in my panties.   If you’re lucky.   It’ll be funny for me, at least!   So give me, Mallory, a call right now for some dirty coed phone sex.
<3 Mallory <3
1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

Feb 27

BBW Granny Sydney Loves Younger Men

Every younger man dreams about making it with an older woman at least once in his life.   For some men, it’s MILFs they dream about.   Others have more discerning tastes and prefer women who are more mature than your average soccer mom.   Those are the kind of men that a lady like me loves so much!

It’s not unusual for men to imagine getting naughty with a bigger girl, either.   BBW phone sex is popular for that very reason.

And if you’re a man who’s got a thing for ladies with a few extra pounds and a few more years of experience, then you’ve just hit the mother lode, baby.   I’m Granny Sydney, your mature BBW.   And let me tell you, honey, I’m going to rock your world!

What kind of fantasies do you have about women like me?   Don’t worry, you can tell me.   It’s not like you’re going to offend me.   I’m pretty sure I can’t be offended, actually.   I’m one of those women who’s willing to try pretty much anything and is always willing to go with the flow and be as dirty as you need me to be.

Want some Granny phone sex with me?   Give me a call!

Granny Sydney
1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)