Jul 04

Roleplaying with Phone GFE Girl Capri

GFE Beauty Capri I’ve always been a good girl. It gives me great pleasure, giving other people what they want and making them happy. Sometimes, they return the favor, and sometimes, they don’t. I like it when they do, but I don’t hold it against them when they don’t. I know I can always come to my kinky phone sex lovers to get my needs fulfilled!

Naturally, I’m not just going to take without giving, and that’s why I make such a good phone sex girlfriend. I love fulfilling your fantasies, and I really appreciate it when you do the same for me. Of course, the very best times happen we’re both wanting the same thing at the same time! 🙂

Roleplay is very versatile and can definitely be used to fulfill both our fantasies. I can’t tell you how many times boys have told me that I’m an incredible roleplayer. I guess it’s because I genuinely enjoy it. It’s so much fun to craft fantasies together!

Speaking of which, I’d love to craft some fantasies with you. Why not give GFE phone girl Capri a call? Let’s see just what we can get into together, shall we? 😉

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Jun 26

Doloris Talks GILF Lovers & Roleplay

Roleplay Granny Doloris I know a lot of you boys like MILF phone sex, but the ones I want to talk to today are the ones who like their women a little more aged than that.   How many GILF lovers are there out there?

Granny phone sex lovers need to come here to Mrs. Doloris and have some fun.   At my age, you have to live life for all its worth.   And in my opinion, the best way to do that is have as much sex as possible, preferably with younger men.  I’m sure there are plenty of you out there for me to enjoy myself with.

A little role-play can be nice, but my favorites are cuckolding and femdom phone sex.   When you’ve done as much as I’ve done, you get all the knowledge and dominance you need to control men, young or old.

You know you want some mature phone sex with Mrs. Doloris, so give me a call!

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)