Jun 10

Coed Mallory Is A Panty Tease

Teen Cock Tease Mallory Hello!   I’m Mallory, your coed panty tease phone sex girl!  I know lots of you men like being teased by girls like me.  And I love being a cock tease!   You boys get so turned on by me!

Lots of you have fetishes, too.   A fetish for schoolgirl’s panties is very popular, among younger and older men alike.   And I’d be very happy to take the time to show you my panties!

But not right away of course, I’ll be a tease about it.   That is what you want, after all, no?   Do you like when I bend over in my schoolgirl skirt in front of you so that you see a tiny little flash of my panties?   That little flash makes you want them that much more!

But do not worry, panty fetish boys.   I will eventually let you touch them.  You might even get to have a taste if I think you should.   Hmm, maybe I will let you wrap my panties around your cock and jerk off with them.  What you think?

See?   I love fetishes!   Call me now,  and we can talk about yours.   I know you have one, so just tell me!

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May 28

Ms. Gladys loves a pretty sissy boy toy

Mature Mistress GladysOh how I love a pretty sissy in full bloom. You know you were meant to be my sissy boy student slut don’t you? I mean really, you’re not fooling anyone. We all see right through your facade and you only think we all see a man. Truly, everyone, and especially me, sees right through that silliness. You’re a girl. You just need the right training, and that’s where I com in.

My name is Ms. Gladys, and I specialize in turning dirty little whores like yourself into champion cock sucking queens! First we’ll start with all that nasty hair on your body. It must be shaved, waxed and plucked in preparation for your debut. Then we’ll take care of that quaff on top of your head. It will be so pretty and silky by the time I’m finished, you’ll start to wonder how you ever lived any other way. Dainty underthings and a sexy outfit topped with jaw-dropping makeup and we’ll be able to start on your walk and talk!

That’s right, sissy boy phone sex with me will run the gamut. You’ll be fully trained before I present you as one of my skillful little sluts! And once you’re trained by the best, you’ll be the hottest little hussy around and studs will come from miles away for a taste of your candy. Of course, they’ll need to get through me first. After all, you are my little sissy boy toy.

Call us for full service feminization phonesex now! We both know you want to.

Ms. Gladys
1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)