Jul 25

Forced Feminization with Mature Mistress Gladys

Mature Mistress Gladys My favorite tool to use on men is humiliation. The thing is, they don’t all respond to it the same way. Nor does the same thing humiliate all of them. So I have to be sneaky and figure out what really gets to a man in order to drastically humiliate him.

One thing I’ve found that tends to work well on most men is forced feminization. It’s hard to act like a big, bad man who’s fazed by nothing when you’re wearing a French maid’s outfit. A PINK French maid’s outfit, at that.

It’s a pretty good segue into other things, too. When you’re dressed that way, you can’t exactly hide what you’re sporting downstairs. And if it’s not quite up to par, you open yourself right up to some of Mistress Gladys’s own special small penis humiliation.

The level of humiliation increases exponentially if I decide we need to have another cock in the room… Think you’re immune to my forced feminization humiliation? I doubt it, but you’re welcome to try it out and see.

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