Your GFE and 24/7 Sex Partner

I’m the girlfriend you have always wanted and felt you deserved. I’m the type of girl who is as comfortable watching a wrestling match and drinking a beer at home with you as I am going to dinner and sipping wine at your parents’ or bosses’ homes – and I am confident enough to know that they will be as enamored with me as you are.

Sex is as important to me as it is to you. It’s an integral part of a relationship and I take that very seriously. I won’t ever say no to your sexual advances. In fact, I’m sure I love, need and want sex as much (or even more!) than you. I like to come several times a day (the first being before you shower and dress for work – your smell is a total turn on to me).

I especially love masturbation because I can close my eyes and be wherever I want to be doing whatever I want to do. Fantasizing and roleplay, especially on the phone, are fun and regular parts of my sex life. And you will hear and feel the excitement drip out of me while we’re making your sexual fantasies come true.

Like I said, I love phone sex roleplay. I can be almost anything you want. Are you into a coed, sexy secretary, naughty nurse, babysitter, next door neighbor, cuckold wife…or something else? I can pretty much promise you that you will get into our games as much as me. You won’t ever hear me fake an orgasm on the phone with you because I want to come as much as you do.

I will turn you on with my very sexy voice, my aural and oral skills, and my wild imagination. You will close your eyes, listen to my voice and feel my body quaking under yours. I’m here to please you and be the girl you need at the exact moment that you need it.

I hope that what you’ve learned about me is exciting to you. If so, please call and ask for Capri. Hearing and feeling is definitely believing.

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