Allow me to introduce myself, I am Humiliatrix Sheridan, the Mistress of Humiliation and when it comes to the men in my life, they are indeed REAL men, not pencil-dick pussies like most of you. No worries though, I know exactly what to do when a pathetic loser crosses my path. You were meant to take my mistreatment and humiliation with grace. There is no end to the personal humiliations you will experience.

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Jun 06

CFNM & Small Dick Humiliation with Sheridan

Mistress Sheridan Feeldoe Anal Play

Sooo…you want to be humiliated by the very best phone sex Humiliatrix around, huh? Yeah, well, you and everybody else.   Do you really think you can handle me?  Better think long and hard about that before you read any farther. I’m pretty brutal.   I don’t believe in pulling punches to preserve your delicate …

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Nov 05

Femdom Phone Sex with Miss Sheridan

Femdom PhoneSex Sheridan

So…what’s it gonna be, little boy? I know you want me. Do you have it in you to submit to a bratty domme and do whatever I desire? Come on, fucker. SHOW ME. Show me that you wanna be Miss Sheridan’s good little slut. Show me that you crave the degradation that only a phone …

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