Allow me to introduce myself, I am Humiliatrix Sheridan, the Mistress of Humiliation and when it comes to the men in my life, they are indeed REAL men, not pencil-dick pussies like most of you. No worries though, I know exactly what to do when a pathetic loser crosses my path. You were meant to take my mistreatment and humiliation with grace. There is no end to the personal humiliations you will experience.

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Nov 11

Humiliatrix Sheridan Does Phone Sex

What’s up, losers?  I’m Sheridan, your Humiliatrix extraordinaire.   I hope you’re ready for what you’re about to get from me because God knows you deserve it! The only men who get sex or sexual attention from me are the ones with big dicks, bigger wallets, and loads of charisma.   Since you have none …

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Nov 08

BBC Cuckolding with Size Queen Sheridan

Oh, darling we both know what the problem here is, don’t want? It’s the fact that I’m a size queen, and you’re a little shrimp dick. But that’s still no reason we can’t have fun together with a little cuckold phone sex. Surely you didn’t think I was going to tell you that I’d be …

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