Hi! I'm Desiree, your fun, open-minded BBW Sex Toy and I love men who like big girls like me. In my opinion, a man needs a lot more than a bony ass to play with and hang onto. When you experience a BBW girl like me, your dick WILL be aching to get lost between my thighs and your face WILL be starving to be smothered by the weight of my pussy on your mouth.

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Apr 05

Secret Bi-Sexual Fantasies with Miss Desiree

BBW Coed Teen Desiree

You know what I love to see?   I love to see a man with his lips wrapped around another man’s cock.   I’ve always thought it was such a shame that more men don’t have bi-curious fantasies Although, the more I think about it, the more I believe that it’s not that men don’t …

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Oct 05

Your BBW Giantess Fantasy Desiree

Giantess Desiree

Do you have fantasies about big girls?   I’m not just talking about BBW phone sex girls like myself, though that’s certainly nice as well.  Actually, this time, what I’m referring to is a giantess. I happen to enjoy giantess fantasies very much.   I suppose you could say I’m a bit of a microphile; …

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