Jul 10

Stroking Instructions & Summer Fun with Teena

Roleplay Teen Teena Hi there, guys! I hope all you American boys out there had a Happy 4th of July!

How do you guys feel about trying something new today? We always have such a great time when you call me, so I thought I’d give back a little by seeing just how much of an incredible orgasm I can give you. What do you think?

I’m talking about guided masturbation. Masturbation is good, no matter what, but sometimes it’s nice to try something new. The tried and true is good, but sometimes things that you have never thought of can be even better!

Between talking to you guys on the phone and some of the exciting times I’ve had with guys’ cocks in real life, I’ve learned quite a bit about how to make your cock feel good and I have lots of different ideas for what we can do with yours.

Wouldn’t you like to try something new this Summer? And wouldn’t you like to be led through it by your loving, caring phone sex girlfriend, Teena?

Awesome! Just pick up your phone and give me a call, and we’ll get started!

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

Jun 12

Mature Marsha Loves Seducing Younger Men

Mature Marsha Loves Seducing Younger Men Hello there, boys. My name is Marsha, and I’m a mature phone sex lady who’s looking for a nice young man to corrupt. *Laughs* You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find a couple of those, would you?

I won’t turn down a fling with a man of any age, but the young ones hold a special place in my heart. I love teaching them some of the things I know, and they’re always so very eager to learn.

Many people would call me a cougar, and they’re right about that. I do go on the prowl for younger men, and I do take them home with me and show them the very definition of “a good time.”  Oh, and they keep coming back for more…not that I blame them.

Now, I’m looking for some more boys to initiate into my naughty ways. I hope you’re one of those young men who needs an older woman to teach him a thing or two. If so, you need to give me a call. Just dial the number below and ask for some dirty phone sex with me, Marsha.

You’ll be so glad you did.

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)