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Do you see what I see? It sure looks like a silly little panty boy slut to me. I just can’t leave you alone anywhere, can I? Wherever you go, you feel the need to dig through some poor lady’s dresser drawers, so you can try on her panties.

I think you need to be taught a lesson, you dirty thing! Since you seem to like being an attention whore so much, I think a little public humiliation is exactly what you need. Maybe if your face is all red, you won’t have time to wonder about what kinds of panties the women around you have hidden away in their bedrooms!

But first, I think you need a something else. I can’t take even a little sissy phone sex bitch like you out in nothing but a pair of lacy black panties. We’re going to have to cover you up at least a little bit more.

Oh, would you take a look at this? There’s a lacy black bra here that matches the panties you’re wearing. Go on and put them on. I think I see a garter belt in there, too. Every sissy needs a garter belt and a pair of stockings. And here’s a nice black minidress and strappy black heels to top the whole thing off.

Come here and let Mrs. Gladys put your collar on. That’s a good little tart. Here’s your leash, and out the door we go! Do you see everyone looking at us? Well, I can assure you, it’s not me they’re gaping and giggling at. I bet your little cock is as hard as a rock underneath those slutty panties you’ve got on.

Your favorite phone sex Granny knows exactly what her naughty sissy boy wants, doesn’t she? If you need some more of this, you know exactly what to do. Pick up your phone and call me!

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Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Heyasssss!!!!!! I bet you boys are loving this pic of my ass up there. ^^^^^ How hard is your dick right now? LOLOLOLOL!!! Are you wanting this 18 teen phone sex brat to take care of it?

*Giggle* Do you REALLY think that’s gonna happen in this lifetime?

The only thing you’re gonna get from this little phone sex brat is TEASE and DENIAL!

Oh, yeah, I love being a little cock tease who drives you crazyyyyyyy with my cute little body and sexxxy voice. I’m damn good at it, too! All the boys at school think so. They’ve had encounters with me before! *Giggle*

I can’t wait to make your dick hard and your balls blue. Call your favorite tease and denial phone sex coed Mallory right now. Let’s see how blue we can make YOUR freaking balls! LOLOLOLOL!

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

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