Apr 10

Foot Fetish Fun with Granny Sydney

I have always loved my body. And one of my body parts that ranks at the top of that list is my feet. I have lovely, wonderful feet if I do say so myself. And, naturally, many men have said so as well.

This is one of the reasons that men with foot fetishes and I get along so well. I love having attention lavished all over my feet, and they love doing the lavishing. Works out well for everyone involved.

If you are a foot fetishist yourself, I certainly wouldn’t mind having you on your knees before me, worshiping my feet and giving me the attention that a Mature Goddess like me deserves. I think you would look very good in that position, in fact.

I’m sure you would love it as well, so why not get what it is you desire? Get your phone and give me, Granny Sydney, a call at the number below to begin your foot worship session with me.

Granny Sydney

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

Mar 30

BBW Girlfriend Phone Sex

BBW Coed PhoneSex Girlfriend Desiree Hey there, boys. This is Desiree, your favorite BBW phone sex girlfriend. Hope all of you are doing great today!

Do you have plans for a big weekend? If not, why not spend it with me? Having a phone girlfriend there with you is way better than watching TV or playing video games all by yourself!

You can tell me everything that’s on your mind. It doesn’t all even have to be sexy, either. We can talk about your day, your thoughts about current events, anything. Of course, we’ll get to the naughty stuff, too, if that’s what you want. But I love it all, so I’m in no hurry to get to the erotic role-playing, at least not until you’re ready.

What do you say? Are you up to something like that?

Or is what’s on your mind a little dirtier? Maybe what you really want is a cheating girlfriend who goes out and fucks other guys and then comes home to tell you all about it while your cock throbs with need. Mmm, I love doing that.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, all you’ve got to do is give me a call, and we’ll make it happen. Hope to hear from you soon!

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)