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Humiliation Phone Sex

Sooo…you want to be humiliated by the very best phone sex Humiliatrix around, huh? Yeah, well, you and everybody else. Do you really think you can handle me? Better think long and hard about that before you read any farther.

I’m pretty brutal. I don’t believe in pulling punches to preserve your delicate little male ego. Not much makes me happier than making a boy or two or twelve cry.

I’m good at it, too. If you come to me to be humiliated, I’m not going to spare you. You made your bed; now lie in it.

One of my favorite humiliation tactics is CFNM humiliation. Just in case you’re one of those losers who doesn’t *get* acronyms, it means Clothed Female, Naked Male.

And, yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You have to get naked, and I’m going to keep my clothes on. And I get to laugh at whatever I see you were hiding under those clothes, like, I don’t know, YOUR TINY FUCKING COCK!

CFNM often precedes small penis humiliation, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen here. What? You didn’t think I was making you get naked so I could fuck you, did you? LOL! That’s even funnier than your useless pencil dick!

Those of you who are brave enough should call Miss Sheridan for some humiliation phone sex. Those of you who aren’t should go and pray that one day you’ll be able to handle me.

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

Dirty Phone Sex

I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist. Your mature phone sex lady likes to show off, and I love to be watched.

Perhaps you’re into voyeurism. I would love to show off for you. Don’t you want to see more of my ripe, mature body?

My love of exhibitionism extends to a lot of different fantasies. It makes me crave things like gangbangs and swingers’ parties. I like knowing that even at my age, I can still make young men’s dicks hard. Being the center of attention is not half bad, either.

This phone sex Granny has still got what it takes, and I want to show you exactly what I mean. I’ll let you watch me masturbate. Hell, I’ll even let you JOIN me. Mutual masturbation is great!

Or we can take it even farther if you like. Whatever your fantasy is, Mrs. Sydney, the dirty phone sex GILF will fulfill it. So call me!

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)


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