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How many of you men who are reading this right now are cock curious? I bet it’s quite a few of you.

You see, guys, I have a theory. I think that there are very few perfectly 100% straight people (or perfectly 100% gay people, for that matter) in this world. Our sexuality lies along a spectrum, and the laws of normal distribution show that there are always very few extremes in any distribution; most of the population lies along the middle.

So it is with bicurious men…and women.

Even if you aren’t attracted to men, I bet you’ve still wondered what it’d be like to suck a cock or to have another man suck yours. Or perhaps you’ve simply fantasized about forced bi situations where a dominant woman “makes” you suck dick for her.

All these feelings and fantasies are perfectly normal. And if you’re looking for a mature phone sex lady to help you explore them, all you’ve got to do is call Ms. Lisa at 1-877-TASTY-10.

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

Sissy Phone Sex

You know what Miss Casey loves to do? I love to take panty boys and turn them into total sissy boys! 😉

It’s really easy, you know. Plus, it seems like most of the time, you little sluts are all for it, LOL!

I’ve been an expert at feminization for a really long time. I dressed my very first boyfriend up in my clothes, and he LOVED it! His cock got so hard underneath the pink satin thong he was wearing. We had some really hot, dirty sex afterwards, too!

Ever since then, I’ve been interested in feminization. That carries over to my phone sessions, too, because sissy phone sex is my favorite of all the fetishes out there.

I can’t wait to turn you into my perfect little sissy slut, so why don’t you give me a call right now?

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

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