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Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Hey, guys! I wanna tell all of you a story. It totally happened to your favorite little prick tease today at the mall!

So I was in the mall with a couple of my friends, finishing up my Christmas shopping. We were in Victoria’s Secret ’cause even though I was Christmas shopping, I always like to buy a thing or two for myself, too, LOL! Anyway, there was this guy in there, right? He was obviously in there shopping for his wife or whatever. But being the naughty cock tease that I am, I HAD to give him a “hard” time.

I walked over very close to him and started picking up the sexiest panties I could lay hands on. Then, this 18 teen phone sex brat started talking a little *too* loudly to my friends and asking which pair they thought my “boyfriend” would like best.

I thought the poor guy was going to faint. He tried to walk away discreetly, but we just sorta followed along behind him. He couldn’t escape until he left the store…and I’m sure he went straight to a bathroom to jerk off!

Another one falls to my evil tease and denial games!

Don’t you wanna have tease and denial phone sex with me, Mallory? Just gimme a call!!!!!

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Forced Feminization Phone Sex

So you say you want to submit to Ms. Gladys’s special kind of domination phone sex, huh? And you’ll do *whatever* I want?

Oh, boy, are you in for it now.

I’m thinking you’d look really cute as a panty boy or even a full-blown sissy. Don’t want to? Well, that’s just too bad for you, isn’t it? You’ve already agreed to do whatever your phone sex Mistress wants, and today…I want to see a bitch boy like you dressed as a girl.

I’ll be glad to resort to forced feminization to get my way. In fact, I’d enjoy it quite a bit, feminizing you against your will as your cock grows harder and harder from underneath the panties I put you in.

That won’t be all, though. I’m thinking that a little strap on phone sex to go along with your feminization would be wonderful. Once you’re all dolled up, I’ll fuck you with my big cock. You can learn to please a big dick just like any slut.

Pick your phone now. You can’t resist forced feminization phone sex with Ms. Gladys.

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)

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